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How To Play Home On Guitar ch a big break now. Unfortunately, although he broke through the late imperial period, life is no change, still only five days time. From this can see, in front of the old man is so terrible, actually able to directly deprive others of life, or even break through the repair state, life will not increase. Chapter 8 45 The King of Hell Our predecessors, we met again. Li Tianyu s eyes look to the old man, a faint opening Road. For this self proclaimed ferry for the old man, he naturally has no good impression, ask, for whom people have been forbidden for almost all the life of life, I am afraid will be unhappy. If he met the stars of the poor, really may not be able to find a way to restore life, it will say, five days later, he may die. At the moment, he did not directly hands, it has been considered very calm. Well, what is his predecessors Star pity is indifferent to see the old one, Lengheng Road. The old man heard the words of embarrassment, then flattery laughed and said The princess said very much, how young children dare to say predecessors. Princess Li Tianyu Moulu surprised the color of the stars looked at the pity, although he guessed the stars and the old man know, but did not think there is such a relationship between them. And the mercy of the stars, but also let him be surprised, was the princess of the respect, although he is not clear, Star Pixi what kind of princess, but can make such a powerful person groveling, I am afraid the origin must be extraordinary. Do not hurry to get his life back to normal. At this time, the stars pity toward the old man said coldly. Yes, princess. The old man did not dare to have the slightest dissatisfaction, nodded promised a cry. Immediately, I saw his palm slightly flash, suddenly, Li Tianyu will feel a very special force, into their own body. Then, he clearly felt that his life has been completely restored. Today, his repair has been a breakthrough to the late period of the emperor, and even have more than 10 million years of life, it can be said, as long as no accident, he can live free to spend millions of years. However, the road of martial arts crisis, can be described as the road of blood, every step forward, need to face the endless crisis. Almost no people, can really live to the end of life. In fact, to achieve their level, that is longevity is not too much, after all, millions of years of life, as long as half way die, will continue to enhance the repair, life will naturally longer and longer. However, there is no real eternal life, the moment thinking about what, but he does not care, if someone dare to his hands, he will not mercy. Came to the second layer, the crowd also found here also has a tripod furnace, exudes rich Danxiang. It is a holy Dan. Everyone eyes micro condensate, the hearts of illegal channels soon. However, no one dares to open the tripod furnace, if there is a man eating a monster, it is not big trouble. Li Tianyu did not hesitate, lifted the pace, went to the tripod furnace, directly to its open, suddenly there is a figure out. Giggle Hear the same laughter as before that baby, everyone s mind is under the tremor, and sure enough, but also a cannibal monster. Li Tianyu look but no change, saw him a palm to play, directly with the first layer of almost exactly the same kind of baby off, so that it condensed into a real Sheng Dan. Fang Qingxue, this saint Dan, you charge it. Li Tianyu turned his eyes and smiled at Fang Qingshen. This is not true. Fang Qingxue heard could not help but slightly surprised a moment, then quickly shook his head Road. Although she would also like to get this saint Dan, but she can not, of course, for Li Tianyu willing to give this saint to their own, she was really touched. For me, a holy Dan is enough, no more useful. Li Tianyu open again. Li Tianyu heard the words, everyone can how to play home on guitar not help but shouted, you are useless, give me ah. Thank you so much. Fang Qing snow did not refuse, directly to the Santa Claus charged. See this scene, everyone s eye, but also can not help but flash cold kill intended. Especially those big Luo Jinxian, I am afraid if not too afraid Li Tianyu strength, must have been directly shot to grab the. Then, the crowd layer by layer to go up. And in each layer, there is a tripod furnace, which also has a holy Dan. Of course, all the saint Dan, all by Li Tianyu, Fang Qingxue, Ma Ling Er three off. It also makes everyone s heart resentment, reached the extreme, at any time may break out. Even if the eyes can kill the words, Li Tianyu must have been their bones Yang gray. Unfortunately, Li Tianyu for the eyes of these people, did not care, but also not afraid of what guitar main chords chart they will have intrigues. Soon, everyone came to the ninth floor of the ancient tower, but also the last layer. And this layer of the hall, but no tripod furnace exists, even with the other eight different is that everyone set foot in this layer of the moment, it seems to come to the vastness of the endless void. Cosmic stars Everyone is surprised to see the color of the surrounding, the.

nment I do not know how much, if you have any changes, and instantly will be killed. Woman Lengheng soon, Road. So, what are you worried about Li Tianyu did not care to smile, said. Well, I can promise you, but you can not mention it again. Woman pondered, then open the road. Yes. Li Tianyu nodded. Immediately, under the leadership of the woman, a line of three people toward the Fengqi mountain gallop away. On the road, Li Tianyu and the woman in a simple conversation that the woman named Fengxia, indeed from the Fengqi mountain, although not the real Phoenix Bird, but it has the Phoenix blood, is the Phoenix family of foreign people. Although Li Tianyu know Fengqi Mountain where the place, but if there is no Fengxia lead, he simply can not set foot Fengqi Mountain. Not only because Feng family exclusion of foreigners, but also because Feng Qi Shan belongs to the ancestors of the Phoenix family, non Phoenix family, not allowed, must not easily set foot, otherwise, will be regarded as provocation of the whole family. How can there be so many Yaozu rushed to Fengqi Mountain Void, Li Tianyu suddenly found that there are a large number of Yaozu, gathered toward the fengqi mountains away. how to play home on guitar Fengxia, can you know what s going on Eyes turned, Li Tianyu asked Feng Xia asked. Is not it clear that there how to play home on guitar is an accident Feng Xia show Meicu, looked solemnly said, then her speed suddenly accelerated a bit. Li Tianyu and Yuan Hui naturally also accelerated the speed of flight, followed by Fengxia. About two hours flying, three people came to the Fengqi mountain. Feng Qi Shan, Phoenix ancestral land, from afar, as a Phoenix Bird, sitting in there. And in their front, has long brought together a large number of Yaozu, which even have a lot of Terran and Guling. No matter which family of people, who are emitting a very extraordinary atmosphere, and even the existence of Dili, there are many. Especially the front of the few young people, who exudes a terrible atmosphere, I am afraid that the general is not the general. In the opposite of this pedestrian, there is also a pedestrian with their hold, all bearing extraordinary, obviously also have a very strong strength. Fung Mo, I have come all the way to come to Fengqi mountain, you have us at the foot of the mountain, Phoenix family is so hospitality At this point, wearing a golden robe, wearing a golden crown of the youth, looked indifferent opening Road. Feng Qi Shan is my ancestor of the Phoenix family, will not allow outsiders free access. Another pedestrian.n has a small world to be sealed, as to how many aliens inside, and how strong these alien in the end, it can only wait for them to break out before they can learn. Gray robe old man nodded his head, said. Predecessors, then why do not we take advantage of those aliens have not really broken out of the time, they will seal them again Fang Qingxue also spoke. If we can seal directly, we will certainly do so, but unfortunately, this black coffin is a congenital Lingbao, even if we quasi holy, it is difficult to control it. Gray robe old man shook his head and said. Boom At this time, suddenly heard loudly loudly, so that everyone is eyes Yi Chan, then turned to look, I saw that the black coffin suddenly burst open. The next moment, the dense figure, appeared in their eyes. God there are so many aliens. It s finished. See the front of this tens of thousands of wearing a black robe, the body of the black gas how to play home on guitar around the alien, that a few big Luo Jinshan are his face suddenly dismay, eye also exposed the color of despair. Fang Qingxue and Ma Linger also face pale, at least tens of thousands of aliens, how can they compete. It seems that today we have no posterior. Gray robe old Moulu decided to color However, even death, we have to kill as much as possible alien. Hear the gray robe of the old man, the other that a dozen quasi holy, are solemn nodded, this is their mission. The strength of these aliens, I am afraid the weakest are equivalent to the top big Luo Jinxian, which quasi holy there are many, this war, will be extremely dangerous. Li Tianyu how to play home on guitar brow wrinkled, heart secretly thought. Of course, he also concert guitar size did not fear, even if he is now the strength, has not yet reached the quasi level, but his flesh, but enough to match the quasi holy, if the cast war and the holy law, there is a quasi holy war. Not to mention, even the gray robe old man these people are holding the heart of death, to fight with these alien, he is the family of the royal family, and how can fear back. You ll be behind me. Turned his head, Li Tianyu toward Fang Qingxue and Ma Ling Road. Ok. Fang Qingxue and Ma Linger nodded, they are naturally very clear that their own situation at the moment, extremely dangerous to their strength, I am afraid that even the weakest of those alien, it is difficult to contend. They want to live here to leave, and can only rely on Li Tianyu, although the hope is equally slim, but followed Li Tianyu, at least you can win a chance. kill With the gray robe old man spit out a loud shouting, everyone w.up. Obviously, he underestimated the power of the robbery of mine, only the second re robbery, they have a comparable to the Taiyi Xuanxian a hit of Granville, almost killed him. This third re grab the power of mine can be imagined, will be more terrible. Fortunately, I not only practicing nine turn Xuan Gong, still not long ago, Dragon blood war body also promoted to a successful level, otherwise, even if there is air to help the dragon, I am afraid it is difficult to spend the mine robbery. Li Tianyu heart secretly heard. Then no longer delay, he fully urged the body element, ready to meet the third heavy robbery. As for the traffic has just been seriously injured Jinlong Gouou, he has no threat to him, will not be able to survive in the third robbery. Phase gou seems to know this point, quietly lying there, waiting for the advent of death. Boom Accompanied by shaking thunder, two bright dazzling Raymond from heaven and fall. Suddenly, how to play home on guitar two robbed of mine will fall on the Li Tianyu and phase of the body. There is no accident, robbery mine bombardment in the body of the moment, his whole body, they completely collapse, turned into nothingness. And Li Tianyu was once again into the underground, smashed a huge hole, around the ground, it is a large cracked open to. Sure enough, the third of the robbery of mine power, I am afraid that has been enough to match the half step Jinxian full blow, and if not air transport Jinlong, I am afraid I will die. Li Tianyu from the ground out, erase the blood of the mouth, muttered to himself. However, although he is quite embarrassed, but his eyes are full of confidence. Successfully through the trio robbery, his flesh and finally once again raised how to play home on guitar a level, coupled with the gas how to play home on guitar luck Jinlong help, he now have full grasp, smooth through the mine robbery. Soon, the fourth road robbed down, although Li Tianyu was once again into the ground, but he is still safe and sound. Next, although each of the re robbery of the mine can be at least twice the previous weight, and every time can Li Tianyu into the ground, but he eventually succeeded in crossing. Chapter 955 The fate of the river When the last robbery fell, all the eyes were solidified there. Saw the robbery of the mine where the space to collapse, or even a long time can not be restored. To know that the speed of recovery is extremely fast, even under the powerful attack annihilation, almost in the twinkling of an eye to recover as ever. However, now, actually can not be restored in a short time, we can see t.

How To Play Home On Guitar t he can not underestimate each other, after all, in any case, this is the legendary figure, it is the existence of Emperor Wu. Immortal Jinlian, but the world treasure, if missed, even in sight, it may not be able to get. Yan Luo light laughed, replied. Indeed, I have thought about charging it, but it can not even be close to it. Star also nodded, opening Road. Son, immortality will be in front of God, guitar basics chords as to whether the collection, we will see your good fortune. Yan Luo toward Li Tianyu smiled and said. Well, then I ll try it. Li Tianyu smiled and nodded, in the face of the legendary immortal medicine, he naturally will not even try not to try, even if the final really can not get this immortal Jinlian, he will not regret at least, how to play home on guitar after how to play home on guitar all, this is his good fortune not enough. However, he believes that with their own air, will not be disappointed and back. Then no longer hesitate, Li Tianyu s stature directly blink out, across the lake, came to the front of the immortal Jinlian. He stretched out his hand slowly toward the immortal golden lotus. However, he even found his own palm, directly through the immortal Jinlian, but did not encounter anything. As if this immortal lotus is a phantom in general, there is no physical. However, Li Tianyu is very clear that the immortal Jinlian will be in their own eyes. what happened Li Tianyu brow wrinkled, this situation, he was the first time encountered. Perhaps this immortal gold lotus does not exist in this space. Linger s voice slowly in Li Tianyu s mind sounded. Linger, you how to play home on guitar mean, though I can see immortal gold lotus, but in reality it is in a different space with me Li Tianyu heard can not help but eyes micro condensate, then read with God read. Yes, most likely so. Linger to determine the road. That s it, then I ll try again. Li Tianyu secretly nodded his head, then directly raised his hand, suddenly, a strands of space power, in his palm bloom. He comprehend the law of space, although the law does not fall, he can not control the power of the real space law, but the space law for the cited, still able to control space. Soon, with Li Tianyu s hands continue to close, immortal Jinlian around the space, actually dangqi round after round ripples. Then, Li Tianyu in front of the space, actually appeared a crack. Cracks are getting bigger and bigger, and finally formed a portal, as if the door of space. Li Tianyu no hesitation, direct stature Yi Chan, into the portal within. Space changes, the next moment, Li Tianyu will feel that they fell to the g.d the origin, but have the strength of war or even stronger, is it that the secular family came out Seeking Shu s eyes flashed strands of different, it seems that this matter must tell the owner of the job. And a war of honor, and may even stronger people enemies, although the cold is not afraid, but not his housekeeper can decide the. No hesitation, roller coffers across the void, twinkling of an eye, they disappeared. At this point, Li Tianyu also retracted his eyes, he naturally found this roller coaster. All roll, otherwise, die. Li Tianyu toward those who wail on the ground cold drink. Those who heard this, are hurriedly helped each other, stumbled to escape. Li Big Brother, now cold home to know our residence, will certainly be sent to people, how to do Meng Yao face white, toward Li Tianyu said. She is just an ordinary person, and cold home is the overlord of Qinghe City, in the face of such a monster, she did not have the slightest power of resistance. No, if they dare to come, cold, there is no need to exist. Li Tianyu light laugh, said. Although the words of peace, but reveals a cold to kill Italy. Li Tianyu heard the words, Meng Yao mind micro set, how to play home on guitar she felt as long as there Li Tianyu, even if the sky down, she will not have anything. Subsequently, Meng Yao returned to the kitchen, continue to burn dinner. And Li Tianyu into the light brain system, looking for all the information with the cents. According to the federal expert analysis, the tomb should belong to the ancient Chinese Han Dynasty, a general from the excavated items, found the records of the immortal gods The federal calendar of two hundred and thirteen years, in Zhu cold city found an ancient ruins, archaeological professor Song He led into it, after three months, from the ancient ruins brought out a still corrupt corpse The federal calendar of three hundred and seventy years Li Tianyu look more and how to play home on guitar more to be sure that the hearts of their own speculation, the myth is not just legend, fairy gods may not exist. It seems that he came back in the illusion, it may be a great opportunity. Finishing the next information, Li Tianyu stood up, out of the door. Lifted the pace, he walked around the whole bungalows around the circle. However, seemingly ordinary pace, but every step down, are extremely mysterious. In his footsteps on the ground at the moment, there is a shine with Huaguang lines, hidden into the ground under. Although his illusion is not the slightest repair, but his martial arts re.


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