T°RED means planning, research, testing and design. Unmatched performance and quality are enhanced by unique objects created by Romolo Stanco, designer and Audi Innovative Thinkers.

T°RED aims to take cycling into the 21st century, with its hi-tech, cutting-edge products. T°RED bicycles are the result of advanced design, lab testing and analysis carried out in international research centres, with the aim of creating bikes that are unbeatable in all conditions.

T°RED is not inspired by the market, it is driven by passion. Only passion can turn lines, angles, materials and technology into exciting and invincible weapons.

For athletes and amateurs alike: the best way to listen to these words is with your legs and your heart, in the silence of a ride. Follow the T°RED CORNERS and POPUPS all over Italy, as well as the TEST RIDES at the ConceptStore in Desenzano del Garda and at our affiliated retailers, where you can experience the excitement of T°RED bicycles by yourself.


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CNA: T°RED Vince per la categoria “Made in Italy e tradizione”
8 October, 2016no responses
in allegato il comunicato stampa che evidenzia le motivazioni della giuria. estratto dell’ articolo: R
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After EuroBike e CosmoBike big success…Thanks!
23 September, 2016no responses
After EuroBike e CosmoBike beyond the success with public there are also many articles on magazines, blogs and
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T°Red Bikes debuts MANAIA on Kickstarter
23 May, 2016no responses
MANAIA The muffled sound of the light alloy tubes with different sections, the impeccably finished TIG welding
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